The First National Bank of Dozier
Current Conditions for Dozier, AL
Intermittent Clouds
80ºFIntermittent Clouds
Feels Like: 85ºF
Humidity: 79%
Wind: 8 MPH SSW
Monday 84ºF 66ºF
Tuesday 79ºF 57ºF
Wednesday 77ºF 54ºF
Thursday 74ºF 46ºF
Friday 76ºF 48ºF

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3 planets orbiting dwarf star prime spots to search for life

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Astronomers searching for life beyond our solar system may need to look no farther than a little, feeble nearby star. A Belgian-led team reported Monday that it's discovered three Earth-sized planets orbiting an ultra-cool dwarf star less than 40 light-years away. It's the first time planets have been found around this type of star — and it opens up new, rich ...

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