The First National Bank of Dozier
Current Conditions for Dozier, AL
Feels Like: 44ºF
Humidity: 63%
Wind: 5 MPH NE
Friday 56ºF 32ºF
Saturday 67ºF 46ºF
Sunday 72ºF 48ºF
Monday 74ºF 49ºF
Tuesday 74ºF 51ºF

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Michael Brown's legacy continues to evolve

NEW YORK (AP) — For some Americans on opposite sides of a national debate, Michael Brown has become a symbol, epitomizing their polarized views on who bears the blame for the toll of young black men killed by police officers. Brown was a gentle giant, in one version. A defiant troublemaker, in another. Yet as more details of the 18-year-old's life and death emerge, his legacy in the eyes of ...

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