The First National Bank of Dozier
Current Conditions for Dozier, AL
Feels Like: 82ºF
Humidity: 73%
Wind: 8 MPH SSE
Monday 85ºF 69ºF
Tuesday 87ºF 69ºF
Wednesday 86ºF 67ºF
Thursday 85ºF 67ºF
Friday 85ºF 67ºF

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Protester leaves Shell ship after hanging on since Friday

SEATTLE (AP) — One of two protesters who affixed themselves to an Arctic oil-drilling support ship parked north of Seattle left the vessel Sunday, but the other remained suspended from its anchor chain in an effort to draw attention to climate change and the risks an oil spill could pose in the remote waters off northwestern Alaska. Protester Matt Fuller requested help getting down from the ...

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