The First National Bank of Dozier
Current Conditions for Dozier, AL
Feels Like: 82ºF
Humidity: 75%
Wind: 11 MPH WNW
Saturday 86ºF 64ºF
Sunday 89ºF 60ºF
Monday 81ºF 57ºF
Tuesday 76ºF 60ºF
Wednesday 72ºF 54ºF

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Latest on police-custody death: Crowd gathered at stadium

6:30 p.m. Scores of rowdy protesters are crowded outside of Camden Yards, where the Baltimore Orioles are expected to play the Boston Red Sox at 7:05 p.m. One protester threw something at a police car parked at Camden Yards, and kicked the windshield, cracking it, while other protesters were throwing cans and plastic bottles in the direction of police officers. At least one protester jumped on ...

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